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Iran and Ashura: protests expand and grievances deepen

Al Jazeera English briefly reviews the events of Iran’s opposition protests during Sunday’s Ashura. The program, Inside Story, interviews Trita Parsi from the National Iranian American Council, and Gary Sick from Columbia University.

Both guests note that the protests have been sustained since the 12 June presidential election, and Sick comments that the existing government’s refusal to compromise and its increasing use of coercion to control a large and popular opposition has resulted in the opposition’s radicalization. They have moved from early demands of poll recount to what may be a general will for deeper changes to the governing structure or leadership.

Though the popular rebellions have been effective in putting pressure on the government, it is not certain how it might organize, articulate, and even seek to execute an alternative policy or governance model, or if it is even capable of doing so considering that the visible and surrogate political leadership (Mousavi, Rafsanjani, etc.) is itself part of the state structure.

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