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Meymand Village

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The village of Meymand in Iran’s Kerman province is said to be continuously inhabited for the last 3000 years, with a history of habitation stretching back to prehistory. The village has a unique architecture of natural and man-made caves used by locals for housing. The area around the village is of anthropological significance due to the discovery of carvings made by ancient peoples on the cave walls of depicting local fauna.

The current population is around 150, and consists of a people who have a semi-nomadic lifestyle, spending their winters in the village itself.


Guidebook to Iran: from World War II, by the US Army

January 12, 2010 Leave a comment

The U.S. military, during World War II, printed a series of pocket books for its fighting troops. These booklets, each specific to a country, give pointers on how to behave when in the stationed nation, what some of the overall objectives are, and gives cultural guideposts that may be used to navigate a foreign terrain.

A collection of this books is available at the Southern Methodist University digital collection in the US.

The Pocket Guide to Iran can be viewed on this site as a PDF.

Here are some excerpts from the guide:

You’ve heard a lot of talk in this war about life lines — the sea lanes and the land routes by which military supplies flow into the combat zones to be turned against the enemy. Iran is much more than a life line. It is a major source of power that keeps the United Nations’ military machine turning over — oil.

Because of its prime strategic value, Iran is the only country in the world where the armies of the United Nations — Great Britain, Russia, and the United States — are operating in daily touch with each other.  (from pages 1 to 2)

A great deal of our success or failure may depend on whether the Iranis like us. If they like us, they can help us in countless ways. If they don’t, they can cause trouble. If they are doubtful, your friendly acts may win their confidence. (from page 8)

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