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Iran facing a growing water crisis

January 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Karaj Dam in Iran

“Unsustainable development has increased the country’s water demand to a maximum level, causing the water level of underground resources sink to its lowest level – from 50 meters to 300 meters,” according to the general director of Iran’s Meteorological Organization, Parviz Rezazadeh.  According to an Iranian report from 2008, “per capita water quota will be below 1,000 cubic meters by 2050.” Iran has a wide range of climates by region, and an unevenly distributed population, creating additional problems around the issue of water distribution.  About half of the population lives in regions that contain over 70% of the water resources, in the north and west. The stress on adequate renewable sources of water is made worse by Iran’s growing population.  Continued stress on underground sources of water threaten to eliminate their very availability, and a little over half of the country’s water needs were estimated to be met through the use of these aquifers (same source as above).

The above tables and image are from a 2005 report written by Kaveh Madani Larijani.